Pleasure Principles

It took me a long time to feel free in my body.

To feel good in my brown black scarred and supple skin.

To love myself and receive love as a queer woman of color.

To identify as a fat babe with no shame in my swells and slopes that give birth to hope.

Between the oppressive socio-political Puritanical forces that rule this country (and world, let’s be honest) and the toxic language used in regards to the body, the battle to remove self-hatred from my existence was a long one. Owning my body and sexuality in a world that doesn’t want me to exist is a journey that I will always be on. It is a journey that I want to share openly and freely in the hopes that it will help facilitate the removal of shame and fear that people have around sex and sensuality. Most importantly, I share this in order to be guiding light of representation to those in need.

I spread the pleasure principles by working as a body positive and trans-inclusive sex educator, writing and voicing erotica, posing as a figure model, creating burlesque and performance art pieces, and contributing to MakeLoveNotPorn. My training comes from my time as a sex shop savant, self education and practice in the tantric arts, and the learnings of wise sex witches.

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"It was a slow process, but I pieced myself together again with radical self-love and acceptance. It’s a forever process that shifts and grows, and rather than dreading it, I move towards it with hope and faith. I know I have a lot of power and I’ll be damned if anyone wants to take that away, including myself." - Excerpt from "Building The World We Want To Live In: An interview with MakeLoveNotPornstar Cristina Pitter"