Pitter Paints

Painting was my first love and remains one of my favorite ways to tell stories. From creating murals, crafting huge backdrops for sets, or working at kids parties, painting allows me to birth a beautiful and vivid world to express stories in. Painting is also a form of healing for me, and when I paint the faces and bodies of people, the energy exchange is palpable and transformative. Those moments held with friends and strangers alike is what led to Pitter Paints, a human connective experience that uses body painting as a tool in holistic healing and art therapy. Pitter Paints cultivates a space of soothing and invigorating expression within the physical and emotional plane, while also harkening back to the joyful feeling of getting painted as a kid. This can be done in solo or group sessions (great party addition!) or events. For rates and booking, email me at pitterpaints@gmail.com.

photos by eleanor philips