Playing Hot

Written by Kevin Armento and C.A. Johnson 
Directed by Jaki Bradley
Music Supervision by Marcus Miller
Created by Kevin Armento and Jaki Bradley

Ya’ll heard the good news? Mosey on over to midtown cuz we got a time portal to brassy old New Orleans, where the sound was born. What sound? Better come find out! Step into our jazz hall and watch your cares melt away, while we conjure up the spirit of Buddy Bolden, the cat that blew that cornet you could hear for blocks. This here’s a play slash brass band concert slash explosive theatrical dance party that’ll leave you sweaty and hot and feelin’ them feels, as we riff on Buddy’s story just like he riffed on dem notes!

Playing Hot is raucous and dance-heavy, and is designed to be experienced on your feet. In other words, this is a standing show! General admission tickets are in the standing room section, and offer the best audience experience. However, if you'd prefer a guaranteed seat throughout the performance, a limited number of Reserved Seats are available.