decolonizing my vagina

Created and Performed by Cristina Pitter
Music By Starr Busby
Original Direction By Jordana De La Cruz

JACK, New OHIO, Mabou Mines

decolonizing my vagina –  is a ritual performance piece that explores the relationship to self love and self worth as seen through the experiences of a queer fat woman of color who has dated primarily white men. Weaving together music, poetry, and storytelling, these complex intersections of intimacies are brought to life.


“a gifted performer…a lyrical and thought-provoking work”
-The ReviewsHub (reviewing at Fridays on ICE at New OHIO)

”In dissecting the recent work “decolonizing my vagina”, a one-woman show performed at JACK as part of The Exponential Festival this past January, I found that it would not let itself be dissected. Instead it chose to chase, to haunt me, to worry and wake me. It often sat with me and reminded me of the old adages, the ones I’d hoped to forget. It’s a funny thing to see a piece that is so close that it seemed to live with you all along.”
- “DECOLONIZING with Cristina Pitter” by J. Molière, CultureBot (Click through to listen to the interview)

“With movement by nicHi douglas, much of the piece is ripe with frenzy and passion.”
- Contemporary Performance (reviewing at The Exponential Festival at JACK)